“Thought-provoking and stunningly entertaining. A rollercoaster of identity. Bernstein is brilliant.” - Adena Potok, Jewish scholar

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"For nearly a decade, my grandfather was the doctor to the head of the Jewish Mafia in New Jersey..."

“On behalf of my family, I thank you for telling the story of Abe Zwillman and your grandfather the way that you did. Your voice is powerful, emotional,funny, and eternally timely.” - Jack Kolpen, great-nephew of Abner “Longie” Zwillman

"A tour-de-force. Really enjoyed the story and Jesse's telling of it."
"So poignant, meaningful and Jewish."
"A damn good show."
- Audience responses to performance at Jewish Theatre of Oklahoma

An unlikely friendship puts rabbinical ethics and a grandson's self-image to the test. From Newark street fights to Congressional hearings, mobsters to Moses, this one-person show about morality and legacy tells its uniquely Jewish-American story with humor, thoughtfulness and love. 

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More Praise for Ethics

"Told with tremendous humor, compassion and gravitas [Ethics is] an engaging and deeply human window into a rarely-seen side of Jewish-American history." - Seth Rozin, Artistic Director, InterAct Theatre Company

"Thank you so much for bringing such a moving and engaging piece to Rodeph Shalom! The Young Friends all really loved it, and you." - Jill Ivey, Young Friends of RS Leader