"Hypnotic... I couldn't take my eyes off the screen." - Todd Shotz, Producer T42 Entertainment, Founder HebrewHelpers 

written and Performed by Jesse Bernstein
Directed by Deborah Baer Mozes

Produced by Theatre Ariel

"It’s fantastic. I would want it to be a required experience.”- Dr. Tamar Kamionkowski (Professor of Bible, Reconstruction Rabbinical College)

“What a wonderful production! The depth and humor were a joy!”

- Carol Rose (Poet and Jewish Educator

"I put it together. This text. This holy, sacred text.

I made it What It Is."

...so begins the tale of the Scribe who put together the first Torah.

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In ancient Jerusalem, under the watchful eyes of Ezra and Nehemiah, a reluctant Scribe races to

codify the Torah and save his people. But before he can reconcile the multiple and conflicting source texts into one coherent story, the Scribe must navigate his doubts, his people's history,

and his longing for the good-old-days of exile in Babylon!

It's the (maybe) true story of how "in the beginning" really began.

The Scribe is an anachronistic, funny and thoughtful solo-show

available for virtual and in-person performance!! 

For booking information and details: info@theatreariel.org